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Unsurpassed Benefits


The Friends of the World Network is your global passport to the International free ad arena. It can help you expand your boundaries worldwide and forge new connections across continents all without costing you a cent. Through our versatile Global Free Ads, you can


* Make new Friends from the world over
* Find that special someone
* Find an activity partner
* Find a job
* Find an employee
* Buy & sell anything
* Barter goods
* Promote your business
* Solicit support


Or simply let the whole world know who you are, what you are looking for and what your company, organization or community group is doing for FREE. All this is made possible by an efficient exchange of free classified media between our members worldwide.


To understand how our system works, read below


Classified Ad Boom
We all know that classified advertising (both online and print) is the most effective medium for buying, selling or exchanging goods and services. They offer economical or free advertising to both private individuals and SOHO businesses compared to conventional advertising, which is usually expensive, and way beyond the reach of the common man and the small entrepreneur.


Classified papers can now be found in almost every major city in the world, from Los Angeles to London, from New Delhi to Sydney, from Shanghai to Cape Town. Most of the classified media are given away free or sold through normal newspaper and magazine distribution outlets in each city or region where they are published or distributed directly to the consumer. Many are also available electronically in the form of websites or are delivered directly in the form of an email newsletter.


Classified Ad Exchange
Our network recognizes the importance of this alternative form of advertising and connects all members through an automated ad exchange programme. This distinctive international alternative communication network, which was designed specifically for our needs, allows the fast and efficient exchange of both international and national ads between members worldwide including niche classified publications that don't fall under the regular free ad media like singles club publications, pen pal ezines etc. So as a consumer, you benefit from the fact that your ad reaches an international diverse audience.


Disclaimer: The Friends of the World network is happy to provide this service free of cost with members around the world who are affiliated to our network. However, please remember that we don't hold any editorial or financial interest over our members and cannot guarantee publication of your ad. Besides, the laws on advertising, publishing and censorship in other countries may not be the same as in your own country and may affect the publication of your ad. Also, bear in mind that we reserve the right to refuse and modify any free ad that we feel is inappropriate for our network.


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